Case Studies

Since our founding in 1985, we have met amazing individuals and business owners whose stories have inspired us to go above and beyond to deliver results. Our case studies are a testament to some of our hardworking clients who had a dream, sought out our financial planning services, and are still growing their wealth—and their life—with us to this day.  
Our Clients' Growth is the Foundation of Our Growth
Here at Creative Financial Planning, we believe that the success we achieve is all thanks to the amazing clients who choose to rely on our experience to help them pursue financial success.
Every individual, couple, family, and business owner that we meet with has different goals: some dream of growing their financial security blanket, others want to grow their business; some dream of retiring comfortably, others want to save for their family’s future. Whatever your financial dream may be, we can create a financial plan that empowers you to help it come true.
Helping Real People Just Like You
Many times, people aren’t sure how financial planning and wealth management can improve their life and achieve their unique financial goals—you’re not alone! That’s why we have highlighted some of our clients’ stories in these case studies, as well as some of the key aspects that we incorporated into their custom plan to align with their life journey.
Although your life and goals may not reflect the stories in these case studies—that’s okay! They will still provide you with some insight into the ways we can help you live your life now while also improving the health of your financial future.
Financial Plans and Wealth Management Services Designed to Fit EVERY Life
The people that we have the honor of working with all come to us with different stories and financial goals, and getting creative with their custom financial plans is what we love to do! Just as no person is the same, no plan is the same; and just as life changes, so should your plan—that’s why we check in with each of our clients every four months to ensure that their financial plan still aligns with their lifestyle and goals.
We’re here to help people just like you pursue their financial dreams. No matter what chapter of life you’re in now—or how it changes over the years—we promise to join you on your financial journey and be there with you every step of the way! If you’re ready to grow your life with us—and find opportunities to improve your finances—or you have questions of how we can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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