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Financial Planning

That’s Made for Families

Whether you’ve just gotten married, are new parents, or are raising a family, as your family grows, we make sure your financial plan grows with you. Like with all financial planning strategies, your current financial situation and lifestyle, as well as your future wealth goals, all play an important role in how our financial advisors create your custom financial plan.

Financial Planning That Grows with You

Since 1985, we’ve watched families grow—their kids, their lives, their finances—and we’ve had the honor of growing with them. Just as no family is the same, no financial plan is the same.


A plan that works for a family with one child is different than one that works for a family with several children

the plan we create for a family who is coping with a life-changing health condition is different than a plan we’d write for a family who owns a small business.

Because every family’s story is unique, our financial advisors take the time to get to know every single one of our clients on a personal level. You can be confident that your needs, concerns, and goals will be heard, respected, and taken into consideration when creating your tailored financial plan.

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When You Work with Us, You’re Just Not a Client—You’re Family
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Here at Creative Financial Planning, we become invested in our clients. We genuinely care that all of our clients are comfortable with our financial recommendations and that there are open lines of communication.


In fact, we schedule either a Touchpoint Call or Annual Review with our clients every quarter, so we can update them on how they’re finances and investments are performing, as well as visit anything that may need to be changed about their plan. Plus, these Calls and Reviews provide us with the perfect opportunity to make sure our client’s family is doing well, everyone is in good health, and learn about anything new and significant going on our clients’ lives.

Let’s begin our journey together.

Schedule your complimentary consultation.

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Financial Planning

Are you ready to help plan for you and your family’s future? We’ll help you navigate the many financial choices that come from being part of a family, such as saving for you children’s education, making smart investments, establishing long-term care, and planning for retirement. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our financial advisors and get one step closer to turning your financial dreams into a reality!

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