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Invest and Do Good: Why Sustainable Investing Can Benefit Your Wallet AND the World

With Thanksgiving around the corner, this season is known as a time to give thanks and share what you’re grateful for. So, we thought this is the perfect time to discuss investments that you can feel good about! Our financial advisors here at Creative Financial Planning have gathered three reasons why sustainable investing can make a difference in your life AND the world. So, read on and have yourself a happy, healthy (and fruitful!) Thanksgiving!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

There are so many causes to get involved in and so many ways to make a difference, and if your values are important to you, chances are you’re making choices every day to support them. For instance, you may choose to drive a hybrid car; or maybe you opt for eating locally sourced foods; or perhaps you prefer to shop at small businesses in your community. Whatever causes are important to you, sustainable investments enable you to make money while also being ethical. If you take a look at your portfolio and notice that you own shares of companies that don’t support your values, it’s time to reevaluate. To make your life easier, you may want to consider bringing on a financial planning company that will respect your values and invest your money in companies that align with your ethical AND financial goals.

Get Your Fill of Taking a Stand

When you choose to dedicate your investments to socially responsible companies and industries, you won’t just be supporting a good cause—you’ll also be taking investments away from companies who are NOT doing good. Sure, you may be thinking, ‘what difference will one person make?’ but think of it this way: if more people are conscious of what they’re investing in—and decide to put more funds into socially responsible businesses—eventually the effects will be felt and a difference will be made!

Pour on the Support for Ethical Companies

Just like every other social movement, change takes time, and more times than not, it always starts on a small scale before making a big impact—sustainable investing is no different! Every socially responsible investment that you make gives back to ethical companies and takes away from unethical ones. So, if you want companies to start making more responsible choices, sustainable investing is a concrete way to support that movement.

We’ve Stuffed You with the Good, but…

Just with any other investment, nothing is perfect, and when it comes to sustainable investments, it’s important to know that sometimes you’ll be sacrificing things for the greater good of the world. For instance, you may be giving up performance for principle. Additionally, some companies say that they’re socially responsible when they’re not—this is why it’s crucial for you to do your research or hire a financial advisor who can help you navigate the many different sustainable funds that are out there.

Now that you have three reasons to be thankful for sustainable investments, it’s time to act and make a positive impact! The financial advisors here at Creative Financial Planning care about what YOU care about, and if sustainable investing is what you want to focus on, they’re here to help make your ethical AND financial dreams come true. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation with our team today!


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