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Wealth Management

At Creative Financial Planning, we are here to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Whether you are looking to accumulate, grow, or protect your wealth—or do all three—our financial planning experts are here to help!


As a whole-service independent financial planning company with 35 years of wealth management experience, we know that everyone’s wealth management goals are different—that is why we give each and every one of our clients our full attention. When you meet with us, you can be sure that we are listening to all of your unique needs and concerns, so that we can provide you with a financial blueprint that will best achieve your goals. Once we create your custom financial blueprint, we will monitor your investments every step of the way—all with the goal of helping you meet your definition of success. With us as your Wealth Management team,

we provide the following:

• Strategies that meet your risk tolerance
• Rigorous portfolio monitoring
• Risk tolerance assessment
• Tactical asset allocation

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You Have Financial Dreams—We Have the Tools to Make Them Come True

Your financial dreams are our main priority, so our asset-based investment management is complete with updates and regular monitoring. To achieve this, we utilize the following tools:

• Stocks
• Bonds
• Exchange traded funds
• Defined contribution plans
• Defined benefit plans
• 529 plans
• Life insurance
• Disability income insurance

Let’s begin our journey together.

Schedule your complimentary consultation.

After we implement your plan, we believe in always going the extra mile—that is why we will diligently monitor your investments and send you updates every quarter to show you how your wealth management is progressing. Although we are always up-to-date on the status of your wealth management, we want you to feel in control of your financial dreams—that is why we also provide you with the following:

• Consistent communication

• Long-term guidance and support

• Flexible plan adjustments to reflect your shifting goals

• Regular education

Fixed insurance products and services are offered through Creative Financial Planning or CES Insurance Agency. 

Financial Plan Presentation

We are located in Rockland County and provide our financial services to people throughout the country, so if you have a wealth management dream, let our financial planning experts create the plan that will turn it into a reality! Contact us today to schedule your consultation, and get one step closer to making your financial dreams come true.

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